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Ian Fydell is a New York-based writer. Breathing Space is his first book. Look for Resistance and Revelation 2132, which will complete the Exodus Trilogy. Born and raised in Queens NY, creative fiction has always drawn him. He had a varied career as a stockbroker, a caretaker for special-needs children, and a Post Office employee before becoming a full-time writer. While Fydell is not a scientist, his wide and varied interests keep him informed about science and contribute to the convincing details in his writing.
"Ian Fydell’s Breathing Space, the kick-off novel for his ambitious Exodus Trilogy, is an unexpected SF treasure . . . and a cautionary tale in the most traditional sense. Evocative of the best of James Hogan and Robert Heinlein, this character-driven novel introduces us to a raddled, dying Earth and takes us along on a desperate effort to find a new homeworld for humanity."
—Floyd Largent, San Antonio, TX
Professional Writer and Editor

"Ian Fydell takes modern day Earth issues (environmental degradation, planetary exploration) and puts it all together in a futuristic, sci-fi thriller … Breathing Space is a page turning, heart pounding book, that makes you wonder just how close to reality we are on planet Earth now and how soon we may all be looking for a little Breathing Space."
—Edward J. Guster III, Fairless Hills, PA
Environmental Scientist, USEPA

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